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What Our Clients Have To Say

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Breanna Myles


The absolute best ever! Since the age of 14, I’ve worked with Abelgas Pageant Consulting for everything from interview, walking, on stage , and even picking out every single outfit I was going to wear. Year after year, Michaela has always made sure that I feel my best going into any pageant system no matter if it was a local, state, national or international pageant. With her, we captured the ultimate title of MISS TEEN USA 2021! If you want a coach who gets results and genuinely cares about their girls, Abelgas Pageant Consulting is the way to go!



Serene Singh

National All-American Miss 2020-2021

I am so grateful for Michaela as my coach and a dear friend and could not think of a better coach to nominate for Best Pageant Coach award! Michaela is someone who is remarkably empathetic, but also, very skilled. In all my pageant preparation, Michaela was ready to share her expertise with me every step of the way. While everyone knows how talented Michaela is in all aspects of competition, what I really don't think a lot of people know is how much she is willing to help and support in areas of competition or even systems she does not have personal experience in. For instance, my talent is Bhangra Indian dancing, and I knew Michaela had never competed in talent, especially not my specific talent before I worked with her. Yet, she reviewed videos of me, listened to my dance mixes, etc. and gave me feedback with every change I made - it was so special to see a coach care so much about taking this journey to get me to be my best self and perform to the best of my abilities with me not just stepping back and watching me go on the journey alone. Alongside that, I also competed in another system earlier in the summer when I first started working with Michaela, a system she has never competed in or coached in (although that is very rare because of her depth and breadth across all of pageantry!) But what is so amazing is Michaela's ability to be there as a support for me throughout it all - I could text, call, send photos, etc. through the whole experience and she was there to remind me of my long-term goals whenever I didn't reach whatever goal I had set for myself. That is just a testament to her kindness and her compassionate heart! One of the best aspects of Abelgas consulting is that regardless of whether or not you have competed with the dynamic sisters in a pageant before, they treat you like you're one of their own and are always rooting for your success -- something so special and so rare for a coach to be able to do that I have found in Michaela this year. Even if I was late for sessions or needed extra help, Michaela always made sure I felt supported and cared for. For a coach to go above and beyond with flexibility and never letting their students feel like a burden is so considerate and rare, but that is just who Michaela is!! I am so thankful for Michaela as a coach! Her and I have only had a few sessions so far and I found a dear friend, an incredible role model, and a coach that strives for excellence - not just in herself but also, in me! I cannot wait until hers and my next adventure, but I cannot recommend her more highly... I am so thankful for her!



Kayla Toure

National American Miss Teen 2022-2023 

Where do I begin? Words cannot explain how thankful I am for having the honor of working with Abelgas Pageant Consulting. Although I have been only working with Michaela for only a few months, it has been nothing short but amazing. I recently won my first national title, and Abelgas Pageant Consulting is one of the reasons why. I cannot thank Michaela enough for relentlessly believing in me, cheering me on 24/7, and telling me to embrace who I am. Michaela is much more than a coach to me, she is a friend and sister. One characteristic I wanted in a coach was honesty and compassion, and Michaela is exactly what I needed. Whether it was asking thousands of questions, Michaela always answered her phone in seconds. In addition, she made sure that I felt was self confident. One of my many favorite things about Abelgas Consulting is the fact that both Michaela and Keisha treat their clients like they are family. I especially love that because you can tell that they truly love helping women in pageantry. I would recommend Abelgas Pageant Consulting to any girl in pageantry! Not only do they truly knows what it takes to be a winner, they know what it feels like to be a winner. Not to mention, Michaela and Keisha have a wide range of pageant experience and knowledge. Furthermore, I thank Abelgas Pageant Consulting for all they have done for me. I can’t wait to work with them very soon in the future.

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Jamie Ingram

Mother to Allie Ingram: IUM International Jr. Teen 2021-2022 and USA National Preteen 2018-2019

As a mom we always want the very best for our children. When we were referred to Michaela Abelgas that’s exactly what we experienced... THE BEST. From the first time she met with Allie,  the amount of detail that went into each little aspect of preparation, I knew Allie was in great hands.  She always makes Allie dig deeper and really work for her goals. She is super meticulous making sure nothing was left to chance. She is always willing to discuss wardrobe, hair and makeup, interview questions or whatever concerns I may have. Even if it is 10000000 questions.  From running around hotels to meet with clients, late night meet ups in hotel hallways or coaching until she loses her voice , Michaela will always be there 1000 % for her clients.  She is always a positive influence and cheerleader for Allie. I am so grateful that our paths crossed several years ago. Michaela has pushed Allie to be the poised, graceful, confident young lady she is today.


Mia Vanessa Prom

IJM International Jr. Teen 2022-2023

Ever since I started my first FaceTime session in 2020, I went from a girl who was stumbling over her own words and unable to articulate my own thoughts to winning Best interview three times, Best fun fashion, and Best evening gown. Michaela, you worked wonders for me and I have transformed into someone who knows herself is inside and out. With every session I learn something new to improve and I unlock the potential I never knew I had in myself. I’m so happy I could finally capture the title of International Junior Miss Jr. Teen.

Izzy Ortiz

Father to Elizabeth and Emily Ortiz:

International Junior Miss Preteen 2020-2021

We don’t know where to begin to express how thankful and grateful we are to the Abelgas family especially Michaela. Michaela has not only been an amazing coach but a true role model for our daughters. Michaela was able to push our daughters which in turn allowed them to excel in the interview room and on stage with their walking routines. She has truly made an incredible difference. Michaela not only invests her time but her love and heart into everything she does. I know she will continue to be part of our daughters' lives for many, many years to come.

Destiny Mateo

International United Miss Teen 2019-2020

I have been competing in pageants for about 4-5 years now but the growth has been tremendous throughout those short years and it is all thanks to Michaela Abelgas. When I first started competing in pageants, I never even made it into the Top 15, in fact, I went to NAM nationals and was ranked 27/37. Fast forward to this past year competing at NAM Nationals for the All American Teen title, with the help of Michaela coaching in ALL aspects of competitions, I placed 2nd out of 104 girls. I never used to make it into the Top 15 but ever since my first session with her, I now have ALWAYS made it into the Top 5. From winning the 2019-2020 International United Miss Teen title to placing 3rd and 2nd runner up to the RIM International Jr. Teen title, Michaela has helped me grow my confidence and has helped me learn how to authentically be myself and portray the true me to the judges. 

Joy Cespedes, mother to Sophia Cespedes_

Joy Cespedes

Mother to Sophia Cespedes: USA National Preteen 2020-2021

Michaela is hands down one if not the BEST coach in pageantry! She not only helps girls to make their dreams come true, but she also gives them the knowledge and confidence they need to not only succeed in life but the skills she teaches the girls will help them for the rest of their lives. As a mom that was a little skeptical to work with a coach, I have to say she completely changed my mind. I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for my daughter and can’t wait to keep working with her for the rest of my daughter’s pageant journey! 

Marisa Mathson, USA National Jr. Teen 20

Marisa Mathson

Miss Iowa Teen USA 2022 and USA National Jr. Teen 2020-2021      

Abelgas Pageant Consulting is THE BEST! I've been coaching with Keisha Abelgas for the past 2 years and she gave me so many new tips, guidance, and things I've never even heard before, which ultimately led to me winning the title of USA National Jr Teen 2020! THANK YOU Abelgas Pageant Consulting! They are truly the best!

Susan Weiss

Mother to Tessa Weiss: National Citrus Overall Queen 2020-2021    

Michaela Abelgas is not just an exceptional pageant coach, she is a force of nature. She sweeps you up in a whirlwind of inspiration, knowledge, and an energy so positive it is impossible not to be motivated to do better, to be better, to break through barriers you’ve placed upon yourself because you didn’t believe you could. This was the effect Michaela had on my daughter Tess, and the reason Tess was able to achieve her dream of becoming the 2020 National Citrus Overall Queen, sweeping nearly every optional category along with all phases of competition. Michaela’s ability to connect with her clients is the key to her success. From the first moment she began working with Tess, a spark of determination and confidence ignited and burned brighter with every session. Michaela inspires this same inner strength from all of her clients. Their success stories span across all age groups, all areas of competition, and within almost every pageant system. The best part about Michaela is the impact she has left on my daughter’s life. The confidence Tessa has gained is a direct result of Michaela’s influence and guidance, and for this, I will forever be grateful.

Kylee Boone_ NAM Miss Tennessee 2020.jpg

Kylee Boone

NAM Miss Tennessee 2020    

I have been working with Michaela for the past couple of years and let me tell you she has completely changed my pageant game. I have not only perfected my walk and strengthened interview skills, but I have also gained beaming confidence that I know I am performing to my best potential each and every time I walk on stage. Michaela has tailored my sessions to how I learn and grow and has made everything where it is easy to understand and quickly catch on to her tips and tricks. If you are looking for a coach that will fight to make sure you have the best shot at capturing the crown, Abelgas Pageant Consulting is the place to be. 

Jason Gutierrez, godfather to Audrianna

Jason Gutierrez

Godfather to Audrianna Mendoza: Miss California Jr. High 2020

Michaela went above and beyond for my goddaughter. She not only went over interview, on stage walk, but every aspect of clothing from hair, to earrings and shoes. I was thankful for her guidance because we had a fun fashion made and she knew exactly what I needed to tell the designer. Her eye for detail is very much appreciated. My goddaughter went from making the semi-finals, to winning her most recent state title within the Junior High School America system. She felt confident going into this years pageant and I owe that to Michaela's guidance. I cannot express how thankful I am to her for challenging and bringing out the very best in my goddaughter. 

Gabriella Norwood_ USA National Preteen

Gabriella Norwood

USA National Preteen 2017-2018, NAM Miss Georgia Jr. Teen 2019

Abelgas Consulting has truly helped me! I work with them for my interview skills, and I can see the difference from before I started working with them to after! They work individually with you to create your resume and make sure that you are able to leave the interview having said everything you wanted and needed too. Because of their experiences with many different pageant systems, they are very versatile and able to cater to many different types of people and pageants! They push you very hard and their results are truly inspirational. They make sure to make their clients feel comfortable with them, ensuring the ability for their clients to take directions and work well with them! They become invested in every girl they work with, becoming a part of that girls support system and team! They are truly an amazing organization!

Sarah Marino

Mother to Tessa Marino: USA National Princess 2018-2019

Working with Michaela was the best decision we ever made! To us, she is now family. She pours all of her knowledge, experience, and love into her clients creating a unique strategy for success geared towards their individual strengths! She pushed Tess, challenged Tess, and in the end, helped her reach her goal of winning the USA NATIONAL PRINCESS title. I know she would never had succeeded without having the Abelgas crew behind her. We are looking forward to her coaching both Tess and her little sister as they work hard towards reaching new goals. With Abelgas Pageant Consulting, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.


Khloe Noelke_ Miss Elementary America To

Khloe Noelke

Miss Elementary America Top 5 2020

I'm thrilled to be coaching with Abelgas Pageant Coaching! I work with Michaela and love her! She has been super successful herself and has won several state, national, and international titles. She has helped me with my modeling routines, gown walk, and adding the perfect final touches. I feel so confident! Michaela is very straight forward and has exceptional knowledge of numerous pageant systems. She makes the most of your time and gives you additional things to work on. I'm excited about adding in wardrobe consultation for my upcoming National pageant too. You will not be disappointed choosing Abelgas Pageant Coaching! I look forward to our next adventure!


April Flores

Mother to Anabel Flores: UNM National Preteen Top 6 2020

Abelgas Pageant Consulting is AMAZING! I had been trying to find a coach that could help my daughter prepare for her national pageant and I came across Michaela. I inquired about her services and then we got started. After months of coaching, Michaela helped my daughter grow not only in pageants but as a person. From several mock interviews to personal one-on-one sessions, they have been really helpful. Michaela is a really knowledgeable person and knows what she is doing along with the rest of her family. I recommend anyone to Michaela because she is truly the best of the best and you can't get any better than Michaela.

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